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Let’s Begin A Levels!

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Wow, what an amazing experience with IGCSE! I never would have thought that I could enjoy studying for something such as IGCSE. However, it is time for me to get ready for a more difficult yet so much more interesting journey: A Levels.

I have chosen Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my courses and I believe I did the right choice. Firstly, I absolutely love Mathematics as it helps me see the world in a different, a more interesting way. Physics, oh physics… Since I started doing IGCSE I have fallen in love with the subject, and it has loved me- to be honest. Physics has always given me happiness when I solved related questions or did projects. When I chose Chemistry, I was a little scared and hesitant since of the six IGCSEs I took, Chemistry was the one that was the hardest. Although I have had some hard times studying for it, Chemistry is essential for the job I want and, honestly, I think I am getting used to studying it.

A Level Maths is actually a fascinating course since it explores almost all areas of Mathematics (even if some of them are basic level). From complex numbers to statistics to university level calculus… It has something for every single person who enjoys math. These all are accompanied by the subject “mechanics”, which is basically Physics. Since I also take Physics, it actually helped me recap the first two units of AS Level Physics.

Physics is just something else. I have never enjoyed a course this much in my entire life. It is one of the rare classes I anticipate during the week. It starts out with kinematics and builds up to waves and basic Quantum Physics. I am so eager to learn everything the course book contains by hear. Not only Physics is an amazing subject to explore, it gives my life a new perspective. It actually helps me see the world as it is in its purest form.

The last subject I chose is Chemistry, but I believe it has always had a special place in my heart as the only subject that gave me a hard time and made me study hard. This time, I am excited to learn Organic Chemistry and I believe it will help me in the real world as well. Since I want to be an engineer, understanding and applying the ways of Chemistry is vital as it is what we and everything around us is made of.

I believe I chose three subjects that are intertwined: Chemistry is the body; Physics is the fuel provider- the heart and maths is the one and only thing that manages everything and maintains peace- the brain. I am looking forward to exploring these subjects deeply and learning new thing along the way.

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