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Exams Awaiting Us

Hello dear readers,

It is quite hard to think about what life is planning about you when you start a brand-new year of an exam period, all over again. You prepare yourself to sink into the books weigh as much as you, sleepless nights and lonely weekends spent studying. But unfortunately, I will take the wind out of your sails, because nothing has happened the way you and even, I have predicted.

I would like to stop arousing your curiosity and start with my first semester of my 10th grade, which means The Prologue. At the very beginning everything was tough, but I was handling it with baby steps. I was studying with passion, which I have accomplished it by preparing timetables and daily studying schedules. But I could not give up from my weekends, I always thought that I needed to socialize to have a healthy life. I was taking my lectures and extra studies at the weekdays and the weekends were mine to get social, by weekend I only mean Saturday because Sunday is more of a free day for me to spend it on my hobbies and my homework.

This continued for a while, but I periodically frustrated generating my motivation. At those times I put my mind into some other things rather than my lessons, such as MUNs. I know you were waiting for me to say that, yes, MUN helped me to control my own concentration. After those conferences I was fully focused on the things that are necessary in real life, and I felt ready for all the circumstances that are in front of me.

Apparently, I was not that ready for everything.  Because for like a bunch of months later world have collapsed with a contagious disease and we found ourselves stuck in our homes. The fact that none of us have predicted something like this to happen has made everything even worse. All the hard work and all the steps I have achieved was already forgotten. Exams were gone, lessons were gone even the normal life outside was gone. We all stopped doing whatever we were doing for a short while.

Eventually schools decided to make an online education system. Considering we all do not have equal opportunities all around the globe and nationally, this system caused different kinds of problems which is a whole another topic that I am not willing to talk about. But I will continue as if you are wondering how I coped with it, at first, I could not. My weeks went trying to wake up to the morning classes, which I basically attend with my pajamas and my slippers. And there was homework I have never been able to finish before the deadline. So fundamentally, the life turned into a misery.

I tried to stay focused and kept continue attending the lectures until the end of the school but that was way harder than expected. There is a possibility I may have been forgotten to participate a few of the lessons but I will not talk about it since my teachers are going to read this too… So mostly I was alive doing everything I am supposed to do in a healthier way, I mean it for real because I did not get COVID-19 (yet I hope I will not). Besides, I have never actually quit studying, I only reduced the time I spend on my desk.

Undoubtedly school has come to an end, and I had an opportunity to get my things together. Of course, I could not do it at the beginning of the summer, but I was ready at the end of it. Therefore, I am here, have overcome everything (mostly). I am better focused and motivated now than the beginning. It still is so hard to keep everything steady, but I have learned that nothing is simple in this life and no one can foresee anything before we find ourselves in it. So, we must evolve ourselves to come through or obviate those situations. This starts with never underestimating ourselves. I really do not want to turn this writing into a public service announcement, but you should never forget this. You can do everything in this life if you never stop believing in yourself. And nothing you have achieved or learned is wasted, in the long turn you will find a place to use that knowledge you gained.

If we consider everything is a test or a part of a simulation, I believe I am not going to fail in this. I hope you are feeling the same way that I do, because if not I believe you should talk with yourself and change your perspective and your mentality… I would like to conclude, with a quote from a tv series I have started watching during the quarantine: “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like WHAAT?!”

Good days…

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