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Hello there dear readers!

How have you guys been? Hope everyone is doing okay! Today, I’m going to share my progress on my A Levels and how my study has been going.

Firstly, I have to say that these past few weeks have been very exhausting for me. I have been dealing with a lot of quizzes and exams –both national and international– and all this studying has drained all my energy… However, for the most part, I have to say that it was worth it. I got pretty high scores on most of my classes which has been a huge relief! Unfortunately, my next exam week starts in about a few days and I’m trying to get myself ready for the tiring marathon that’s waiting for me.

Now I will elaborate more on how my A Levels are going since this is why most of you are here for. We have had so many A Level quizzes and mock exams this past month and I have to confess, some of them have been very disappointing for me. I had some Math quizzes that I thought it was nearly impossible for me to solve. There are still some subjects in Math that I should be improving myself on. Recently, we have been working on Mechanics and, Probability and Statistics subjects and although compared to Pure Math subjects they are easier, there are still some pretty challenging questions in Mechanics. Probability and Statistics is rather easy, but nothing is never not-at-all-hard when it comes to any A Level Math subject.

In Physics, we are currently studying on one of the hardest chapters: Electronics. We are introduced to so many new concepts and terms which makes it difficult for me to fully grasp the topic quickly. I just need to spend some more time studying on Physics and get some help from my teacher. Other than that, my A Level Physics mock exams have been very good. I just need a tiny bit more work, that’s all.

For Computer Science, I can confidently say that everything is going pretty well. Especially in topics that are related to hardware, I feel like I am knowledgeable enough to solve the questions in the mock exams and quizzes. We haven’t been working on programming too much lately so I feel like I need to practice more so that I don’t forget the things I have learned. Overall, Computer Science is still one of my favorite subjects among all of my other A Levels.

Hope my blogs help giving you an insight into what dealing with A Levels feel like. I will keep you posted so stay tuned! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

All the best,


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